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Travel hacking – Tips before you go

Travel hacking – Tips before you go



Travel hacking – Learn how to hack travelling with nomadic trippers.


Ever wonder how some people have just done it right, no excess baggage, no extra charges, no scams, no pickled sticky situations?


welcome to the deep dark web of travelling


We’re going to let you know some tips and tricks when it comes to planning, booking & packing.


⚛Book flights with y or b booking codes for upgrades

⚛Clear your search history/cookies for cheaper fares

⚛Search by month if you are flexible on dates

⚛Type “OK Maps” into Google Maps and it will download the visible area to be used offline.



Credit cards –


⚛If you’re a world wanderer or you like a few holidays a year, sign up.

Signing up to a travel credit card seems scary but it will be your best friend – gain points (this will take time) use it as your usual bank card and replace the money with your normal debit card – this way you aren’t just taking a loan each month! Travel credit cards can give you money, free flights, flight upgrades, discounts, deals on hotels, all sorts – depending on your needs and wants in a travel card. It pays you back in the long run!




⚛Always pack a sarong, Sarongs can be used as a wrap when you are cold, a towel, a curtain, or a piece of clothing that can be worn dozens of different ways.

⚛Put all toiletries in a sandwich bag 

⚛Don’t stock up on toiletries – Just stick with a travel size kit to get you through the flight and the first few days! Chances are they will have exploded in your bag before you get to use them or you’ve had to leave them behind to make space in your bag.

 ※Our necessities are baby powder & baby wipes!! Wipes will ALWAYS come in handy, whether its a case of spilling your food down you on a bus and having a little clean up or refreshing your face at any time! Baby powder is the master to all things sweaty!! Living on an island for a year in a tropical country with no water or electricity, baby powder is our best friend. That hot sticky time in the evening when your dressed up to go out? Put baby powder everywhere before you start sweating! Also great for greasy hair!※

⚛Stock up on tampons – Must!! Depending where you go, it can be a struggle. Hide them in all your useless compartments for when doom arrives.

⚛Fill your shoes – literally, put your underwear in your shoes to make room.

⚛Roll your clothes – How ya mumma shows ya. Saves room and crinkly clothes

⚛Limit yourself on shoes – flip flops, boots, trainers. MAX.

⚛First aid kit – Must! it does come into play more often than you think. Pack your own – essentials – plasters, saline water, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, eye drops, gauges – all the rest will probably just get in the way, burst all over your bag or not make it.

⚛Buy a hard drive & back up everything – 9/10 everything breaks, smashes or you loose it. Shit happens. There will be a lot of footage that you will never want to loose. Photos, videos, music, movies – Put them on a hard drive & have them safely backed up in one place.  Here is the hard drives that we use to keep all our golden memories safe – ADATA HD650 2TB Hard Drive



⚛Avoid the queues – When arriving at the airport, the later you check in, the better. The closer you are to check-in closing, the more people have checked in before you, the later your bag is placed under the plane. The reverse effect is what happens when they unload the bags, and yours will be one of the first on the baggage reclaim conveyor belt. 

⚛Go left at queues.

⚛If there is 2 of you, book a window seat & an isle seat, hopefully if your in luck you will get the whole row, if not just kindly ask the person in the middle if they would mind swapping.

⚛Be the last person to get on the plane. There is no reason to be a sheep in the line. No one is going to take your seat and if you have a checked bag, the plane is not leaving without you. They will call your name over the intercom if you are late. Get on last and you will not be caught in the line-up to wait for passengers standing in the aisles trying to determine how the alphabet system works to find their seats while putting their bags in the overhead compartments.

⚛Jet-lag – I’ve never suffered with jet-lag, somehow! Apparently i am doing something right. Drink water!!! Work out when you should sleep in accordance to your destinations time zone. Or don’t sleep at all, hang it out then you will pass out when its night time at your destination.




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25 thoughts on “Travel hacking – Tips before you go”

  • Wonderful post. Some of the tips are really new and practical like entering the plane at last and getting the luggage first., then booking the window and aisle seat and how to avoid jet lag. i too need to learn the cheap flight booking hacks. Thanks for sharing.

  • Looks like you’ve been a master! Hah! And we’re the same about jet lags, I have not been into any jet lags yet, so like you, I don’t know how it works. Rolling clothes is a great way to save space as well. Every traveler must know this!

  • Wow, this is really a useful travel tips for all of us, this applies not only for a newbie travelers, but for seasoned travelers as well. I too always use my credit card wherever I am, this truly had helped me a lot in all of my travels, especially abroad. Some of your trips has already been on my system and I’m enjoying them. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  • These are some really helpful trips. Without realizing, having read posts like yours over and over, I am slowly becoming a pro when it comes to travel. I am able to pack more efficiently, and look for better deals all the time 🙂

  • Wow! Very intelligent tips. I am yet to learn the art of making cheap bookings.
    About jet lag your suggestion is so practical. Thanks!

  • These are great trips! I would recommend browsing in incognito rather than clearing your cookies/search history as that won’t always work. incognito will definitely work for when searching for flights and hotels.

  • These are very practical and useful tips for any traveler. And you seem to have covered a lot here – from credit cards to things to carry and how to pack. The packing tips are pretty useful because a lot of times you really get into a tizzy when you see the stuff that you need to carry. Well done.

  • Such interesting take on travel hacks, Nomad Trippers! Like you, I also bring my sarong with me every time I travel. It’s so versatile that I can use it as a skirt, a tube dress, a bag, a beach mat, name it! Totally a life savior!

  • Such interesting take on travel hacks, Nomad Trippers! Like you, I also bring my sarong with me every time I travel. It’s so versatile that I can use it as a skirt, a tube dress, a bag, a beach mat, name it! Totally a life savior!

  • These are some fantastic travelling tips!!! I’m always looking out for new ways to pack my stuff and some of these tips are really helpful for that.

  • These are all such brilliant tips for travelling, even for general holidays. There’s a few I didn’t know so I’ll be using them next time I travel.

  • Love all these tips. I travel with kids so these help a lot. I just don’t think I’d put undies in the shoes. I’d maybe use the space for some other things

    • Haha, no, not unless they are new shoes! Boots are awesome for storage. Thanks Sarah, glad you got some tips for next time away with the kids x

  • Okay, I am LOVING these tips. They’re so unique compared to other lists I’ve read. I had no idea that going left in queues is actually faster! I will put that to the test next time I’m traveling for sure.

    • So glad you enjoyed this post!! Yes, few little tactics – follow the suits, not the families! Thanks for your comment Maya x

  • I have experience jetlag a couple of times, it helps me a lot to sleep on the plane. Thanks for the sarong idea! It gets so cold during nighttime flights, and those little blankets they give you are almost always useless 😛

    • I know right!! I have 10+ ways of wearing a sarong which I’ll be uploading soon, won’t need to pack anything else 😜 haha! It definitely helps me sleeping on the plane – just at the right time otherwise il sleep the whole journey and be awake for 2 days 😆 thanks for your comment Cynthia x

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