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Expats in Amsterdam

Expats in Amsterdam

Taking a year out to be a stoner…

The ultimate guide to Amsterdam! Our expat experience.


We lived in Amsterdam for 11 months in 2015, Working, living and smoking. We found some little quirky gems that are unheard of in this crazy city. Check them out…

* Food Hallen -This little gem in the oud-west neighborhood is a must for anybody who loves food. Only usually visited by the locals that live in the area, located in the old train station and rarely spoken about, there is over 20 different pop up food stalls that offer a huge variety of different bite sizes snacks, platters and meals. Every stand offers something that will blow you away. Vietnamese sandwich’s, country smoked meat’s, Korean Doughnuts, Greek Falafel, Mega Cheese Toasties, Insanely amazing Sweet tarts & even a Gin bar which offers so many wild crazy concoctions which are a must.

There is usually a jazz band or some local act playing music, alongside seating, is communal in the middle of it all, with so many places to sit with a really easy going chilled vibe. So much so, we were there at least once a week.

Tip – You can take your own wine!!

* Vondel park – A perfect place at any time of the year, being compared to Central Park in New York it’s truly beautiful no matter the weather. The park is always so busy with all types off of people! Dog walkers and roller bladers are every where in the summer. Locals and tourists chill at the fountains & the lakes, many smoke weed, play acoustic music & sunbathe. It’s legal to have sex within the park , we think a bush might be best for everyone else’s sake though.

A sunny dream in the summer and a wonderland in the winter.

IMG_0298 (2)

* Coffee shops – does coffee shops even need to be on the list? They’re mandatory for your stay in Amsterdam. Smoke a joint & do any of the above or below things!

Our favourites – Boerejongens located in the de baarsje & Kashmir lounge located in oud west.

Wanna go to the stoners guide? click here

* Rent a bike – An awesome way to see the city! You can rent one for the day for around €18. Cruise the canals and stop for coffee is a must do for a day in the dam! Be aware of other cyclists and locals and drive on the right side of the lane!

*World famous flower market – A must. Flowers are beautiful & even more beautiful when there is 100’s of different kinds. Take a walk up the flower market and breathe in the fresh air.


* Red Light District – Day or Night this strip is always a sight to remember. Featuring the worlds oldest profession, tourists, stag do’s and Family’s all flock there.

*Windmill tour – Zaanse Schans is a perfect day trip to feel the culture in Holland, not far from Amsterdam (20 min train journey). Walk around the village of tiny houses, bridges and lakes, with traditional windmills wherever you look & cheese factories which have 100 different flavors for testing!

*Los Pilones – Authentic Mexican!! If you’re a foody like us this is a MUST. Los Pilones owned by 3 Mexican brothers, have 3 different restaurants across the city, all catering slightly different to their sister restaurants. The most authentic loving homemade Mexican food you will ever find around the city. Spend a day watching the world go by sipping on micheladas or margaritas & indulging in huevos rancheros or chilaquiles verdes. Visit their website for locations –




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